One of the core values, and also the founding mission of Orbit, is to provide high-quality products, which perfectly meet the requirements and specifications of customers. Orbit strives for excellence by providing products that best satisfy the requirements of our customers and continuously improve quality and reliability with the help of an effective quality management system, while complying with all requirements of a healthy work place


Leveraging the extended and successful experience of the ceramic industry of the group, Orbit takes responsibility to be up to date with the market advancements by employing the right resources


Orbit continuously endeavors to maintain exacting international standards of procurement, production and quality testing. The modern testing facilities are equipped to qualify every tile by its length, thickness, straightness, shape and surface. Every tile is also tested for its hardness, water absorption, flexural strength and abrasion resistance. Other technical specifications checked include skid resistance, breaking strength, density, frost resistance, chemical resistance, thermal shock resistance, colour resistance, thermal expansion, stain resistance, moisture expansion and glossiness.